Positioning the Lotus

Letter from a Buddhist acquaintance:

“I will be preaching in Deer Park, Sarnath, Varanasi, India, on March 7th.  We arrive in Delhi March 4th but I need to write my sermon now because I won’t have time once I get in India. So much needs to be updated.  I have to resist trying to pack it all into just one sermon.

Certainly I can’t avoid dealing with The Four Noble Truths, which, good as they are, can stand some reworking.  To this end I have begun a draft of “The Three Reliable Propositions”.

The entire umbrella of The Noble Eightfold Path needs some attention too.  It’s a little harder but my current ideas centre around a list called “The Six Best Practices”.

The Middle Way is giving me the most trouble.  Aversion to extremes is itself an extreme.  I may need to use a bit of gloss here.

A difficult value proposition. He might want to reframe it as mass customization.