3 Reasons Mobile Apps are Important Marketing Tools

The rapid acceleration of mobile smartphones  marks a major shift of internet use from the confines of the home to mobile wireless connectivity with devices that connect to the net whenever possible. Here are some important reasons why mobile apps are so important:

1. Ubiquity and Proximity to customers: Smartphones will increasingly replace feature phones, the main driver being a reduction in handset prices.Smartphones are much more personal and intimate devices than a laptop or desktop device. For most users their phones are never further than 1 meter away 24/7. Imagine how attractive it is for companies to be able to place their products and services so close to consumers.

2. Unlimited applications and possibilities: Smartphones are small computers that are becoming increasingly more powerful, making them increasingly be suitable for tasks that were previously restricted to laptops or desktops. Smartphone apps are used by companies to promote their brand or product, and to provide access to their products. In the future we will see a lot more uses, so this is only the beginning of a burgeoning trend.

3. Better visibility: The new generation of app stores make it easier than ever before to be in the forefront of millions of potential customers’ minds.Standing out among 140,000 apps is much easier than being found among millions of websites. In addition, these distribution platforms are stores, unlike the web or its search engines, that are designed to sell and present products. Cross-selling and promotions are core features.

New Financial Services Mobile Apps

Here are some new financial marketing ideas by American Express and Mastercard, compliments of Suzanna Keith’s Revolutionary Marketing Ideas blog, which highlights marketing ideas that have special appeal, especially for women.

Mastercard and American Express Introduce ATM finder apps

Mastercard has a Smartphone app, and American Express a Twiter app that make it easy for you to find the closest ATM and even key merchants.

American Express has introduced a new app that turns Twitter hashtags into savings.

As reported in a Wall Street Journal article, the American Express twitter page offers a wide variety of offers with a variety of key retailers.  According to Suzanna Keith, American Express as a brand  is the “Apple” of Financial Services.  “They are truly tapping a key insight that in this economy young people, singles & families need the perk of savings in this economy for everyday items not just luxury goods.” Here are some related articles:

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Mobile messaging and marketing exploded over the holiday season in 2011. PEW American & Internet Life Project highlighted these findings:

  • 42% of all U.S. adults have phones with apps.
  • 52% of adult cell owners used their devices while in a store.
  • 33% of adult cell owners used phones for online information inside a store.
  • 24% of cell owners used phones for reviews of a  product in a store.
  • 25% of adult cell owners used phones to look up comparative prices in a store.
  • 50% of household incomes over $50k used phones for reviews and advice.
  • 63% of 18-29 year olds used phones for real-time product reviews and advice.

This is a brave new world of radical transparency from pricing models to public feedback, and the majority of the consuming world is shifting to a medium that is real-time and competitive. The implications for marketing practices are profound.

Snap Principle of app marketing:

The future is leaving the station.  Are you aboard?