Jeff Bullas’ blog explains that, while many may think of Twitter as a medium for superficial conversations, it can be a better social media marketing tool than Facebook. This is because marketers can use Twitter to create a large database of followers, ie. subscribers without a large marketing budget.  It’s easier to do this with Twitter than on Facebook.

Engaging Subscribers On a Shoestring

With Facebook, before you can begin to provide people updates with content that will engage them, reinforce your brand and invite consideration, you first have to drive them to your page and get them to “like” it. How does this happen?

A very minor percentage of traffic to your page will click the “like” button on Facebook or your blog’s Facebook social plugin. However, to bring in significant numbers of subscribers, you need to run an advertising campaign on Facebook to drive them to a landing page that will provide an incentive for them to “like” your Facebook page. Since it can cost  a lot of money to run a marketing campaign to grow your fans, and  it isn’t necessarily cost effective, mostly major brands with big budgets, such as  “The World’s 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages“ can afford to do this.

However, you can get people to follow you for free on Twitter by simply following them. Twitter “netiquette” makes this happen because when you follow someone, a certain percentage will follow you back, and your updates will  appear in their Twitter stream.  Anticipating a 20% to 30% response rate, by following 100 people you can expect to increase your followers by 20-30 people.

Gaining a Quality Following with

The trick is to get a “quality” targeted group of subscribers – followers who are interested in your topics. You need to attract followers who are interested  in your industry so that you can provide them interesting news relevant to your industry.

Jeff Bullas recommends a Twitter tool called, a free tool with 30.5 million Twitter profiles in its database sorted into a vast range of categories. If you enter a key word such as “insurance,” your search brings up companies and people with large Twitter followings that have indicated their interests when registering on Twitter in their Twitter profile. You can then click the “Follow” button to follow them.

Then it’s up to you to engage them with interesting topical content, including “links” to articles, videos and other websites that add value and build your brand.