Major brands use optical illusions in their advertisements.

Major brands have used optical illusions in advertisements to get your attention.

Out of home advertising and billboards have ways to trick your eyes too. They can even get you to try on their products for size.

Some of the most original and creative advertisements are featured on Mighty Optical Illusion’s blog under Deceiving Billboard Ads Part IPart II, and Part III.

The Billboards Category with its recent billboard articles, is brimming with great executions .

Can any of these have potential in financial services advertising? I think so. For example, a 3D pavement illusions chalk drawing called “Be Careful Where You Park your Car” was created by artist Manfred Stader as ad for industrial insurance company  HDI Gerling. Some of his works could easily be used by Allstate to complement it’s Mr. Mayhem spots that combine humor with fear marketing.

And guess which major life insurer could use the Abbey Road meets Charlie Brown pavement art illusion pictured below?