“You Can Do It”

In a previous post I featured optical illusion advertisements. MetLife’s new interactive banner ad featured on Mashable.com has attempted a bit of aural illusion wizardry.

Thematically, the ad fits in with MetLife’s current “I Can Do This” campaign, which is built around the premise that, when faced with a seemingly daunting task, all you have to do is take the first step and you’ll see there’s nothing standing in your way.

The banner ad, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, features Schroeder, the Peanuts character, at his piano. A headline asks, “Help Schroeder with his big performance.” To do so, you touch your computer keyboard (any keys will do) at roughly the speed he plays — not too fast, not too slow. A meter shows you how fast you’re going. The banner ran on The New York Times‘s homepage and People.com.

The New York Times‘s homepage is a common venue for trials of new banner ad technology. Last year, the USA network rigged the page to turn it into a game promoting the show White Collar. Before that, Mac and PC from the long-running Apple campaign conversed with fake ads on the page.

You can also play the Schroeder “game” at MetLife’s Facebook Page.