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The Google Revolution

 Google remains the most important way for people to find information for any purpose – work, leisure or shopping.  Generation “I” – those who have grown up knowing only the internet as a means of research – may not understand that the early search engines like Altavista often turned up information that wasn’t quite relevant, making it a time consuming task to sort sort out the information you needed from an enormous amount of data. Often the relevant sites and information were buried at pages down in the search results.

Modern search engines like Google and Yahoo can provide what you want more quickly, and often right on the first page. How does it do this?

what are 5 Key factors that modern search engines use to serve up what you want and often provide it on the first page.

5 Key Ranking Factors For Ranking On Google

Modern search engines use 5 key factors to serve up what you want fast, as recently outlined by Jeff Bullas  under his 5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google. Here they are:

1.  Key Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links – this is the clickable text in a hyperlink, usually blue and underlined.

2. External Link Popularity – These are hyperlinks that point at any domain other than the domain that source link on which they appear. External links themselves are important for how they are ranked according to their popularity and relevancy. Additionally, search engines use metrics like the following to determine the value of external links:

  • The trustworthiness of the linking domain.
  • The popularity of the linking page.
  • The relevancy of the content between the source page and the target page.
  • The anchor text used in the link.
  • The amount of links to the same page on the source page.
  • The amount of domains that link to the target page.
  • The amount of variations that are used as anchor text to links to the target page.
  • The ownership relationship between the source and target domains.

3. Diversity of Link Sources  – The more links from many unique root domains, the better ranked your page will be. Domain names are the readable addresses of websites, and root domains are identified by extensions such as .com, .org, .net. Subdomains are a lower level component a root domain and precede the domain name (example.

4. Keyword Use In the Title Tag

A title tag – the main text that describes an online document – is, other than the overall content, the most important on-page SEO element. It appears in three key places: Browser, Search Results Page and External Websites.

5 Key Factors To Rank High In Google

5. Trustworthiness of the Domain Based on Link Distance from Trusted Domains (e.g. TrustRank, Domain , etc.)

mozTrust determines the trustworthiness of a web page relative to all of the other web pages on the web using an algorithm developed by Yahoo! search engineers. Similar trust algorithms are used by Google and Bing search engineers. Links not only express global link popularity, but also express information about the trustworthiness of URLs. Being linked to by sources with high trust, such as  homepages of major university websites or governmental sites, is a strong trust endorsement. mozTrust measures the occurrence and frequency of these endorsements, .

5 Key Factors To Rank High In Google

One of the most recent additions to these key factors is “Recency”. Google has in recent months starte to integrate real time Twitter tweets  in its search engine results as an option and sometimes as a default if the term or phrase is a high traffic term. Real time search engine Sency has just announced that it has launched the capability to let users find out what people are saying right now from 13 major US Cities. In addition to letting the user search for what’s being said inside an actual city for a given keyword, Sency for Cities will also show the 10 most talked about topics right now in a given city. Some uses for Sency for Cities, include:

  • Sports fans can now see, in real time, what people in their city, and rival cities, are saying about a given team or player.
  • When a new movie, commercial, or product launches; businesses can now see how the sentiment from the public differs in each of the major cities.
  • When there is an important event or breaking news inside a major city – anyone can see how people inside the city, whom are directly affected, are reacting.  This can be compared with what outsiders are saying from cities not directly involved with the breaking news or event.
  • The current hot topics for a given city can show what is happening and being most talked about in a city right now.  This can introduce new events to users  while highlighting the topics that a city is buzzing about right now.

Another factor that is starting to emerge as being important for search is location with Twitter making an important announcement about its direction regarding this at at its recent “Chirp Conference”.