Social Media Meets Wellness

Want to get employees up and moving? The Hotseat Pilot opportunity offers an opportunity for companies that understand that employees who sit all day are less productive, less collaborative and less healthy.

View the Infographic below or here to see why sitting all day is a health hazard.

Making Activity Easy

Hotseat is a health app offered by Context Communication Consulting that unseats employees through nudges, social competitions and game mechanics. Employers can give employees two minutes a few times per day.  They can use their phones to help “unclog your mind and uncramp your body.”

The solution is advertised as a good fit for companies that:

  • Understand that pedometers only work if you get up and small fitness breaks lead to major health benefits.
  • Have desk workers, on-the-road sales folks, delivery and truck drivers, tellers—people who sit too much.
  • Figure employees’ attachment to their smartphones can work in their favor.
  • Want to offer hotseat to 5,000 or more employees.
  • Are interested in innovation and collaboration.

What the Pilot Offers

Pilot companies receive:

  • Ongoing access to the hotseat app for pilot employees
  • Ongoing access to an employer dashboard that shows who’s using hotseat and how (excluding hosting costs)
  • A ready-to-roll launch communication packet to drive participation
  • Project management and customer support
  • Post-pilot year participant survey

The brilliant call to action: “If this is you, don’t just sit there. get in touch.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding