The cumulative number of leads generated per $1,000 spent from The Eloqua study’s content marketing operation vs. its paid search campaign

Superior Lead Generation

Jacob Hurwith of Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) points to an important problem confronting advertisers today: billboards, radio ads, banner ads, and television ads are not as appealing as they once were. The solution: content marketing.

Eloqua, in partnership with Kapost, recently released an e-book, “Content Marketing ROI,” comparing the short-term and long-term costs of content marketing and paid search. Content marketing performed better.

Advantages of Content Marketing

As opposed to traditional advertising tactics, content marketing allows companies to bypass paid media and become the media. Instead of looking toward Google, consumers go directly to the source. As the report states:

Instead of renting an audience, they (marketers) are earning an audience.

The graph show above demonstrates the ROI for each type of marketing. It concludes that, despite being considered one of the most effective marketing practices, paid search turns out to bean inferior tactic for lead generation. Creating valuable content that your audience can use and trust will take some time, but will keep them coming back for more. Once you’ve built your audience, your ROI increases as you save on media fees.

See more details and additional results from the e-book here.

Snap! Principle of Content Marketing vs. Paid Search:

Content marketing’s high initial investment and long time frame are justified by its superior ROI.