You’re probably well aware that Facebook changed the email address on your timeline to without asking you first.  Now there’s an app for that!

Social Fixer

Almost every problem or general complaint you have about Facebook can be fixed with one browser extension called Social Fixer. Some examples of what it can do:
  • Change the look and feel of the site
  • Disable the lightbox-style photo viewer.
  • Hide the news ticker.
  • Track who’s unfriending you.
  • Get rid of timeline.

 Audit Your Approved Apps

Get Your Facebook Account Under Control This Weekend

If you audit your approved app, you may be surprised to find things you never knew about. This is because many apps subtly ask you for access to your personal information and you may approve an app without realizing it. To audit the access you give third parties and help ensure your privacy, visit your applications settings page and remove apps you don’t want or recognize. It only takes a couple of minutes and it .

Audit Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook makes frequent changes. always up-to-date guide to managing your Facebook privacy. Use it to go through all the various settings and make sure your profile/timeline is as open or locked down as you want it to be. I’m not going to lie—this is pretty tedious, but very worth it. Spending an hour on your privacy settings while you watch a movie or listen to a podcast is a lot more fun than accidentally allowing your boss to see embarrassing, drunken photos you thought were only for a select group of friends.

Clean Up Your Friends

How many of your Facebook friends do you actually still want? When you add someone, you’re allowing them access to your information on some level. While Facebook provides friend groups to help you better-manage which information is shown to whom, as your friend list grows, it’s easy to miss details.

The easiest option is to just make regular posts for a couple of weeks explaining that you’re pruning your friends and ask that everyone who wants to stay on as one of your friends send you a message. After the two weeks, delete non responders. Alternatively, a GreaseMonkey script called FacebookDeletes can help you delete batches of people and save time.

Ask FB Friends!

When you’ve got a Facebook problem, Facebook might be the best place to go for an answer. Just ask your friends for help with the solution by describing the problem in a status update, and you might have a solution a few minutes later.


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