The Rush to Integrate of Marketing and Technology

The continued fracturing of the media landscape makes it increasingly difficult for marketers to reach customers in large numbers. eMarketer recently highlighted an IBM May 2012 survey of marketing professionals worldwide, “The State of Marketing 2012,” that found:

Marketers are struggling to keep up with fast moving mobile and social marketing channels.

Factors that Will Be the Biggest Challenge According to Companies Worldwide, 2012 (% of respondents)

Key Marketing Challenges

According to the survey marketers worldwide are jumping into mobile, and consider this the number one challenge they face this year.  The poll found that:

  • 41%, named the growth of marketing channels and devices as the top challenge to their company over the next few years.
  • 33% cited customer collaboration and influence.
  • This is followed by financial constraints and determining return on investment.

Marketers Jumping Into Mobile

The survey finds that the most widely adopted mobile marketing tactics today are mobile websites (used by 46%) and apps (used by 45%.)

30% of marketers without mobile web or app strategies plan to implement one over the next 12 months. An even highest percentage of marketers say they plan to get into mobile ad campaigns and mobile email programs over the next year.

Mobile Marketing Tactics Companies Worldwide Are Currently Using/Plan to Use, 2012 (% of respondents)

 Expanding into Owned Media

Marketers are also strongly considering expanding into different types of owned media over the next year, including  third-party platforms.

  • 66% of marketers said their company used a social network.
  • 59% were active in microblogging.
  • 26% of respondents plan to move into third-party social apps.

The continued fragmentation of the media landscape necessitates that marketers consider their campaigns across a number of channels—especially mobile and social—and work closely with technologists to ensure efficient execution of strategies.