Carrie Burns of Insurance Networking News reports that, in an effort to assist potential customers with the buying process, Esurance has developed  Coverage Counselor, as an interactive tool designed to present easy to understand information on coverage options based on user input. Coverage Counselor is designed to help consumers understand how their personal circumstances impact their insurance premium and enable them to compare different levels of coverage.

The tool, accessed on its website, provides consumers with more than just price information to help them understand how their personal circumstances impact their insurance premium, as well as compare different levels of coverage. Esurance CMO John Swigart says:

“Esurance understands that consumers want the lowest price possible for auto insurance, and we are laser-focused on providing consumers with great opportunities to save money. However, picking your own price doesn’t mean you’re getting coverage that ensures that you are properly protected, and finding out you have the wrong coverage after you’ve had an accident is a terrible experience. Coverage Counselor allows consumers to explore different choices for getting the right coverage before they buy, and it empowers them to make smarter decisions about their car insurance to help ensure that they are properly protected.

The Coverage Counselor asks users a series of non-personal vehicle, driver and financial questions and then suggests coverages the customer should consider buying to adequately protect their assets. Questions and suggestions are state-specific, Esurance said. Coverage Counselor also offers an e-mail function designed to enable consumers to send their coverage recommendations to themselves or someone else.

Third Party Review: Thumbs Up

Ceploitips’ review of the program finds that Esurance, a member of the AllState family providing insurance for ten years, makes up for the lack of history and tradition of GEICO or Progressive, which function mostly online with revolutionary operational methods, including swift claims and policy writing techniques.  Additionally, as a eco-friendly organization, Esurance boasts environmentally-sound methods and services to lower paper usage, plant trees throughout fire damaged forests, and minimize destruction brought on by carbon dioxide pollution.
Esurance has a three step coverage procedure. Drivers basically quote, purchase and print out their particular plan completely from their own printer, and, in six minutes can obtain a quote along with instantaneous comparison rates from actual providers, determine whether or not buy coverage or opt for a different auto insurance agency.

An internet claims procedure provides real-time maintenance tracking software, called E-star, which allows you to see your automobile going through the actual phases of maintenance.

Notable Features

  • Detailed, informative website
  • E-Star Direct Maintenance
  • System Savings-oriented procedures
  • Quickened claims procedure

Ceploitips’ review concludes:

With merely a decade under its belt, Esurance may seem relatively green. However, through savings-oriented company practices, environmentally-sound methods, effective and easy claims and maintenance process and a strong dedication to eco friendly causes, Esurance is proving to the world that it is a cutting-edge, moral and “Green” power amid auto insurance companies, one which, hopefully, will motivate other top-rated car insurance companies like GEICO and Progressive to get better.