Sharing Is An Increasingly Important Marketing Strategy

A report by Share This provides some revealing data about traffic and social engagement due to sharing.

Sharing on social media websites

Here are the key findings:

  • Sharing now accounts for at least one-third of the amount of traffic driven by search, which is most often the top source of traffic for sites.
  • Traffic coming through shared links has high engagement value.
    • Sites are seeing up to 50% more engagement from sharing vs. search (i.e., share-originated links are driving up to 50 percent more page views per unique than search.)
  • Email leads in shares – Twitter comes in last:
    • 46% of shares come via e-mail.
    • 33% are from Facebook.
    • 14% percent are from other channels such as Digg,, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Only 6% are from Twitter.

Twitter is Lowest in Shares But Highest on Click Throughs

Although Twitter is still far behind in share traffic, it scores the highest click through rate:
  • 40% of clicks come from shared articles on Twitter.
  • 35% of clicks are from email and other social channels.
  • 25% of clicks come from Facebook.

clickthrough on social media websites


  • Twitter is the least engaging share platform with users visiting an average of 1.66 pages when they click through to a site.
  • Users coming in off e-mail were the most engaged, visiting 2.95 pages.
  • Facebook trails closely with 2.76 page views.

These figures vary for sites depending upon their verticals. Also bear in mind that Facebook’s generation of higher share traffic than Twitter may only reflect the fact that Facebook’s overall population is also far more than Twitter. Twitter’s masked URLs with constricted explanation may be among the reasons for their high CTR vs. Facebook where viewers can see a summary of the shared link. As Twitter evolves, you might see changes.

It is worth noteworthy that e-mail remains the most popular sharing medium. The high engagement quotient of email share traffic is probably inherent in the fact that in this age of email bombardment. nobody will actually click a link shared in an email unless they are really interested in that content.
If you’re involved in Social Media, then it’s important to develop a strategy that employs a well-rounded integrated approach. To increase brand recognition and sharing of your content, then email and Social Media such as Facebook remain  vital to your strategy. To increase clickthrough rates, Twitter should be an important part of the strategy.