A Hybrid Between Marekting and Customer Service

The UK-based movie theater company Odeon has partnered with Conversocial, a company that specializes in social-based customer service.

How are they using social interactions with their customers? Robin Carey of Social Media Today interviewed Alex Packham, Social Media Executive for Odeon and its sister company, Europe’s UCI Cinemas. The company’s primary channels are Facebook and Twitter, and Packham engages in 24/7 monitoring and response on them. He says:

We’re a hybrid between marketing and customer service, and because our responses to customer inquiries and complaints happen in a public forum, we’ve come to realize that the faster and better we respond, the more likely we will engage and even please all our customers. So you can’t really separate [marketing from customer service.] Also, when someone answers a question in a public forum, we’re reducing the times that the question has to be answered individually,” thus reducing staff time and overhead.

Initial Measures of Success

From Facebook alone, in May, 2012:

  • There were 1,613 incoming comments/posts/messages on their official Facebook page, and 177,000 fans.
  • 190 of these were customer service inquires that they responded to.

In July, 2o12:

  • There were 3,900 incoming comments/posts/messages on their official Facebook page, and 216,000 fans.
  • 300 of these were customer service enquires that they responded to – more than double the inquiries over a 3-month period.

Better Analytics

The analytics provided by social reporting have reengaged the group’s reporting to management. They chose Conversocial because they found that it had the best combination of tools and brand analysis.

The result? A sentiment analysis survey in 2010 provided clear benchmarks on improvement to the monthly and quarterly reports. They discovered that they were viewed as expensive but not the best service provider. The Conversocial experiment reduced negative sentiment by 61% in a single year:

Conversocial offered us more analysis and set up an analysis dashboard with Twitter and Facebook data, the kind of thing not available on Facebook and Twitter, and in easy-to-read graphs and tables, which is especially relevant not only to members of the team, but also to senior members who get it on monthly basis.

Conversocial’s Success

Conversocial was founded in 2009 by Joshua March. As they introduced their focused social customer service platform and advisory services to new customers, they more than doubled its revenue in the past six months  March says:

Conversocial is very focused on high-volume social customer service. If a company needs a system to identify and prioritize large-scale social customer service, or is just looking for a solution that just handles social customer service, we can help. Our APIs can integrate into larger (CRM) systems.

Conversocial is now developing a Salesforce plug-in that users of the platform can coordinate with more easily.

More on Conversocial here.