Mobile Shopping Is on the Rise

New research shows that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are changing consumer shopping behavior. Nielsen’s new findings demonstrate that consumers are now becoming more comfortable with mobile shopping:

  • 47% of smartphone owners have used native shopping apps
  • 45 million have used shopping apps an average of 17 times per person per month

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices whether for pre-shopping research or final purchase because portable devices like smartphones and tablets are convenient and portable, making research and access to social networks available anywhere.

TheTop 10 Mobile Shopping Apps

Nielson ranks the top 10 mobile shopping apps for retail by traffic volume and the amount of time spent on the sites:


Mobile Shopping traffic grew by 38%

With Twitter and Facebook are under increased pressure to monetize their business models, social networking is  increasingly influencing  consumers mobile shopping behavior. As consumers become increasingly willing to share about their shopping experience, ecommerce sales grow:

  • Traffic was 43% higher than the prior 3 weekdays for the 2012 summer Independence holiday.
  • Q2 revenue grew 15% over the same period in 2011 to $43.15 billion, according to Comscore, .

The Mobile Payments Process Is Evolving

Retailers including Walmart and Target formed a partnership called Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) to facilitate the shopping experience by integrating the convenience of paying at the register with customizable offers, promotions and retail programs. The result is a mobile shopping app that should work on almost any smartphone to bring mobile shopping into the mainstream by removing barriers like multiple app downloading and allaying financial security fears.

Mobile Shopping Customizes the Shopping Experience

Joseph Ruiz  of Social Media Today gives two examples of how the mobile shopping are providing a more customer-centric experience.

I went to an Apple store to purchase an iPad. From research, to purchase, to set-up, I was with the same sales rep the entire time. The store representative was able to check inventory and complete the sales transaction from his phone. The phone was connected to discreetly hidden printers in nearby tables.

Ford is experimenting with a sales process that will equip their reps with iPads designed to facilitate the buying experience by allowing the rep and customer to build their vehicle on the spot.

New software now allows even small businesses and individuals to accept mobile payments conveniently using their mobile devices.