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It needs to be pointed out that marketing is not the problem, but just the opposite – it provides solutions to people who need them.

There is good marketing and bad marketing, and the kind of manipulative push sales and marketing practices depicted in the cartoon is the kind that gets everything wrong.

A close analogy is political speech. I received a flyer from the Republican Party that did nothing but defame his Democratic opponent in the most vague, prejudicial sweeping generalizations, replete with polemical hot button rhetoric like “He went along with Obama’s tax and spend policies that are bankrupting the nation.” What does that mean, exactly?

By contrast, the right kind of political speech is that which gives me the facts and allows me to use my own judgement to decide for myself.

  • If a candidate has a case to make for himself, let him lay out his platform (rather than deliberately vague, dishonest claims.)
  • If a candidate wants to make a case against his opponent’s position, let him explain the details and make a reasoned case about why the opponent’s proposals would not be the best.

In financial marketing we have a rigorous little function called Compliance. The net effect is that if it isn’t true, it doesn’t get advertised. It’s odd to think that there is no such rule in politics.

As egregious as character defamation politics is, no one among us would condemn the concept of free speech. Like marketing, free speech is not the problem. but the solution. The problem is manipulative, dishonest speech.


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