How Pinterest Works For Marketing highlights an insightful article by  on How Pinterest Works: the DO’s and DON’Ts for marketing, which I summarize below.

 Why Pinterest Matters

The number of daily Pinterest daily users has grown by 145$ since the beginning of 2012. As a social media site that focuses exclusively on the interests of users, Pinterest has been noticed by businesses as a way to market a product or service and drive traffic to a website.

However, most businesses do not yet understand how to effectively use Pinterest for marketing or sales purposes.

The Pinterest Concept

Seamlessly Intuitive: People have long cut pictures from print magazines or newspapers of their interests or hobbies, posting them in different photo albums by category. The “pin boards” online photo albums that let you do that.

You can browse the boards of over 2 million users, and repin anyone’s picture to your own Pinterest page. Further, by clicking on the picture, you can click on it again to load the website from which it came to access information about it.

How Pinterest Works for Marketers

Any professional looking to drive traffic to a site can post a picture of their product or service. If the photo is interesting enough, others are likely to repin it to their pages. Some may be so enthralled by the photo that they will want to look further into the product, and will clicking the picture to read more on the site. The pinner may even subscribe and start following you.

The formula for using Pinterest to market your site:

  • Provide engaging images of your product or service on your website.
  • Pin them to Pinterest.
  • Allow the image to bring your customers to your site.

Pinterest Marketing Practices

  • Upload pictures to Pinterest directly from your site to link back to your website (you can’t pin FB links).
  • The more links you have going to your website, the higher your search engine rankings can be.
  •  Link pictures that have content on your site to allow users to read more on the topic.
  • Provide a visible subscription button to your page.

An important advantage of Pinterest is that it allows your company to use social media in a seamless, low profile way that doesn’t scream marketing hype.  It’s another channel that can drive traffic to your site and bring in  customers without have to seek them out, by simply enabling them to seek out their own interests via Pinterest.

 Does Pinterest Work?

Within 2 days of opening a Pinterest account and pinning 6 picture links, I gained 58 followers.