why original blog content is important

 of Right Mix Marketing gives 4 compelling reasons that your company should develop original blog content.  Here they are:

1. It Builds Your Brand Presence

All your competitors have websites, and spend a great deal of time and money updating them. But, more often than not, the content is either too flat and pedantic or sales-oriented to engage people.  Most commonly, websites and blogs appear to be something that companies feel they need to have just in case someone happens to want to research their products and services. But the problem with this strategy is that the site will only attract the very few who already have an interest in your products and services. That defeats the value of social media’s potential to reach ever-increasing numbers of people.

Good, original content will not only establish you as an authority to those who are already interested in your products, but it will get widely shared, and reach people who never thought they had a need for your products. As Tom puts it, content helps “pre-sell your company to prospective clients.” But further, it helps expose new clients to your company who may never have approached you without the lure of engaging content.

2. It Enhances and Synergizes your Social Media Strategy

Original content doesn’t just lure new prospects to your site, but it brings them back. They become engaged in your content, and, by extension, your brand, thereby connecting your social media to your web strategies. Linking your blog content with your company website will provide opportunities for conversions.  Not only will you draw in prospects through direct search, but you will connect with industry influencers who will  broadly share your content, bringing in more prospects at no incremental cost.

3. It Improves your Search Engine Optimization

Publishing blog and website content sends signals to search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.com and Yahoo, improving your ranking in certain keywords that you use within your content. Compounding this effect, authoritative, engaging and original content will spread, as people link to your site and share it via social media,  exponentially increasing traffic to your site.

4. It Gets People to Take Action

Embedding explicit “calls to action” on your site creates opportunities to turn visitors into more serious prospects. They may click to schedule an appointment, get a free report or connect with you in social media, which can lead to conversions.

Creativity Is The Key

The challenges include finding the time to create content, creating content that provides value to your target audiences, maintaining high quality and engagement. However, it is much less difficult to creating a strategy to produce brief and engaging ongoing original blog content than it is to invest the time and money into producing serious research white papers and glossy marketing collateral.  It is quicker and less costly to present publicly available news and research in creative, original and compelling ways that reflect your brand identity.

Balancing quality with frequency will provide the optimal mix for content to draw new followers, keep them coming back, and spread virally to create a steady and continually increasing stream of new prospects to your blog and website.