Economics 101

Corporations sitting on a record $5 trillion of cash demand more sacrifices from the middle class.

All that you ever needed to know about economics has been witheld from you by corporate shills. The lying corporate propaganda machine, and its paid-for Republican political and media arm  continues to carry out its mission of attempting to convince the middle class to turn on itself.

Yet, despite throwing a record amount of resources behind the candidacy of a plutocratic stooge, the forces of unbridled greed were chastened by the American people, who impressively voted – quite decisively – to hand President Obama the mission of persuading the corporate robber barrons to invest in the middle class rather than continue to rob them of their wealth, their jobs, and the lives of their children.

As the corporate shills jockey to turn the fake “fiscal cliff” into an opportunity to eke out further concessions to allow them to stick it to us, the public has a moral self-obligation to turn off the parade of lies (perpetrated primarily by the Fox News and talk radio propaganda  and secondarily by the mainstream corporate media) and educate themselves about the actual facts of economics, and, particularly why control-side economics is a failed scam, while demand-side economics has always worked to enhance the economic fortunes of the 99%.

These facts have been kept from you in the public discussion but are available for all who have the intellectual independence, integrity and smarts to do the research.