Americans are awakening. Look out, world!


Prediction: Economic Growth to Double

The voters threw the corporate scoundrels out on their ears with an historic, and one of the most decisive presidential reelection bids in decades. They also threw out the tea party corporate shills and gave more votes to Democratic House candidates than to Republicans, even though redistricting by Republican governors allowed the Republican stacking of the House.

It’s only a matter of time, but all signs show that the trend of throwing out the most corrupt corporate shills should continue. With the increasing obsolescence and irrelevance of the Republican Party, the next phase is to turn to the Democratic Party and hold their feet to the party. Changing demographics and growing wealth disparity show that the wind is at our backs. Those of us who still don’t get it will either soften or die off, and there will be a rebirth of the American middle class.

Within the next decade, if Democrats hold the line against the corporate shills of the Republican Party, we should see a doubling of economic growth. Of course, it is impossible to make mid- to long-term predictions with so many dynamics in the balance, including Europe and China.

Look to this blog to continue to provide the hard economic facts and figures, and to continue to correct the myths and distortions.