“I don’t know why people call me a curmudgeon. I’m not a curmudgeon. I don’t even like the word curmudgeon. It’s just another annoying word to add to the long list of things I just don’t like.”


Alright. Andy didn’t say that exactly. At least not the last 4 sentences of it. But it certainly seems to fit. In fact, if I asked you to guess the name of the speaker, you’d be likely to have named “Andy Rooney,” wouldn’t you? The point, again in words Andy might have used, is:

Ever notice how seldom the word “curmudgeon” is used these days? That’s because there are few who can fill its shoes. It’s a word that conveys a certain kind of genuineness, honesty and  integrity. I’d be proud to be thought of as a curmudgeon, which is precisely why I’m not. Because a real curmudgeon just wouldn’t give a damn.

The lovable old curmudgeon brand was Andy’s, and he owned it.