1. Research, Objectivity and The Pursuit of Truth

From Tom Eigelsbach, this might as well be the axiom of Snap!, as I attempt to expose the myths and memes associated with Marketing and Economics:


2. The Illogic Cultural Memes and Propaganda Marketing

A post shared by George Geddes to expose the fallacious reasoning of cultural memes that play into sentiment and coopt consent. I used to reason like that when I was a child. For starters, without a cite, it’s doubtful that the quote/paraphrase is truthful to begin with. But I’m particularly curious about who these 19 year olds are that “protect his…ass.” It probably references the thousands of kids that bought and sold politicians in the most militarized nation in history put in harm’s way to support the the chosen economic benefactors – the defense industry, the energy sector and others:

gun crap

3. Economics: NonSustainable Business Models

This two-part contribution from Mike Henderson needs no explanation but extensive research, analysis and wisdom to truly comprehend the unsustainable business models to which it refers.  First, vies at the LA Times article,

Throwing the Middle Class off the Cliff” to appreciate the real meaning of the Fiscal Cliff debate – “Slight of hand, misdirection leading us to general austerity, not prosperity. Score for the Big Money elite:”