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The 28th Amendment: The Right To Argue Over Meaningless, Divisive Nonsense

He Who Controls Information Is King: In all societies, elements use information to manipulate public opinion to promote self interest. Life is not nearly so simplistic and black and white as partisan political rhetoric frames it out, but when it is dumbed down into knee jerk ideological arguments, misdirection occurs. Attention is diverted from the fundamental facts and information points that would arm people with the precise information to think for themselves (instead of following sanctioned memes.) The public is given the illusion of free will since they are permitted to respond in predictable ways to carefully constructed debate frameworks that center abstract issues that people feel deeply about, but that have no bearing on their actual welfare. Thus, democracy has no chance to take a meaningful foothold, and the masters of the game play the working class like pawns. 

Fake Issues Make for the Most Contentious Debates: The fake gun debate is one such excellent illustration. While the public is kept busy arguing about 2nd Amendment rights, few even notice that the First Amendment is being shredded. 

Democracy Arise During A Period of Lucidity: The issue of economic fairness is one that gets raises in the boardroom all the time, under the auspices of “let’s be fair to the shareholders” (meaning the major shareholders that comprise 1 – 2% of the population.) Yet, there is no forum to voice the concerns of the large majority of stakeholders – labor, consumers, middle management. 

Recognizing that the economic spoils go not to the deserving, but to the dominant, the form of government called democracy was created. The purpose was to allow people a voice in their lives. 

To exercise that voice, information is needed, not guns. It is an historical fact that all the struggles – without exception – that have been won by American citizens have been hard won through peaceful opposition to policies that favored corrupt interests over our own. 

The Degradation Of Information Society: But today, the quality of the information that people are fed has been degraded into simplistic propaganda and nonsensical entertainment to divide folks into opposing camps through the reinforcement of cognitive and emotional biases. Problems don’t get solved because people are not given the basic tools to think outside the box, but are constantly encouraged to take “sides” on narrowly defined arguments. The false debates rage on; the substantive economic issues get swept under the rug.

This is what economic Stockholm Syndrome is. It is endemic and ingrained in our economic structure, and, whenever we allow ourselves to be herded like cattle into opposing camps, we fall victim to it instead of following our own paths to self awareness and progress.