The Challenge: People Don’t Want a Relationship With Your Product!

The reality  of a social media marketing campaign is that people don’t want a relationship with your product. With financial services, where the product is intangible, how much more daunting is that reality!

“The challenge for us was that people don’t want a relationship with a box of Milk-Bone, but they do want one with a puppy.”—Doug Chavez, senior manager of digital marketing at Del Monte Foods.

The Strategy: What Really Matters to Them?

eMarketer reports that Milk-Bone teamed up with its longtime charitable partner, Canine Assistants, on a campaign called “It’s Good to Give.” The brand gave a percentage of every box purchased to the Atlanta-based nonprofit, which trains and provides service dogs to people with disabilities or other special needs.

Result: Engagement and ROI

The brand’s “I Give” TV commercial was the highest scoring pet ad ever produced, landing within the top 1% of 65,000 ads tested through Ipsos ASI since 1962, according to Jason Wehner, senior brand manager at Milk-Bone.

Jason Wehner, senior brand manager, sums up the success of the campaign:

Milk-Bone had one of its best years ever, with 10% sales growth and 2.4 million new households purchasing Milk-Bone treats year over year. Now that is an ROI with real numbers that management can understand and that marketers can promote.  People love to help animals and Milk-Bone learned a great lesson here on how to leverage their brand and meet business objectives.

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